No More Voicemail!

Do you hate voicemail, too? Having to call in, listen to messages, delete messages, save messages? "You have new messages waiting" Dial. Listen. Hit 1 to play. Hit 7 to delete. Ugh! No more!

1. VoiceMailZap replaces your carrier's voicemail.

2. You select the people you want to hear from

3. You get text messages -- NO MORE VOICEMAILS!

We are in private Beta right now, but we're accepting requests to be invited.


How it Works

It's easy! 1-2-3!

  1. Forward missed calls (busy, unanswered, unavailable) to VoiceMailZap (easy as dialing a number!)
  2. VoiceMailZap answers the call and sends you a text messsage -- no voicemail hassle!
  3. Time saved! Ahhhhh, feels good!


[Psst, right now it's free...give it a try.]This is a pay-as-you go service. You pay only 3-cents per inbound call and subsequent text alert. For example, if you are like most Americans and get an average of 13 calls per day, you'll spend about 40 cents a day for the service. That'll also save you an average of 1 1/2 minutes of time per voicemail zapped. That could be 15-20 minutes per day. How much is that worth? Your time is money!

Time is Money!

We save you real time. Consider how much time it takes for you to listen to just one voicemail message. You have to dial in, wait for the connection, press 1 to listen to the message, press 7 to delete it. Even if you don't care about that message, you may have just spent several minutes doing that!

Now consider those messages you DO care about. You may listen to the whole thing, which could be 1-3 minutes. You may have to listen to it over and over because you couldn't understand what the heck they were saying!

Time is money, and this saves you real time!

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The solution? VoiceMailZap! Sign up now and Zap voicemail forever.